This HR dept doesn’t negotiate with Terrorists.

Finish reading This Is The Most Passive-Agressive Office Note Battle We’ve Ever Seen

The ending is worth clicking for.

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Jim Carrey has said quite a few stupid things, but this is not among them. 

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Happy birthday, Akia-chan! Please keep drawing and win like a champion!

finished this last month.

Beautiful :)

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SERVO: I don’t care. What’s Mike gonna do anyway?

CROW: Mike, the title came up and it said ‘Werewolf’ and then Servo said “I don’t know. You had him last!” and I think that was a really stupid joke.

MIKE: That’s pretty funny. I like that

SERVO: Thank you.

CROW: Yeah, that’s what I meant. I liked it. Good one Servo.

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I am beginning to feel overwhelmingly unloved